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December 6, 2023

Kota partners with Personio to sync your HRIS with core benefits

The integration makes managing benefits effortless as employee data syncs across finance and directly to your insurance and retirement providers.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

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Today, we’re excited to launch our partnership with Personio to sync your employee data with your core benefits. 

The benefits space is a sleepy vertical in which insurers and financial institutions have struggled to adapt to the needs of modern companies. These companies expect a seamless experience without reliance on spreadsheets, email threads, and disjointed portals, yet their people and finance teams have long been disconnected from the data that makes managing employee benefits stress-free and automated.

At Kota, we believe that rewarding your team should be accessible, affordable and global. To achieve this, you need an effortless, transparent and interoperable experience. This is why we’ve partnered with Personio and continue to invest in HRIS automation.

Personio is on a mission to improve business performance by driving excellence in people operations through their all-in-one HR platform, which offers human resource management, recruitment, talent management and payroll for more than 10,000 SMBs.

Now, Personio customers can leverage Kota to sync their employee data directly with their core benefits. So, when updates are made within Personio, these updates are automatically communicated to your pension provider, health insurer or life insurer. On top of this, your finance team can access consolidated and reconciled payroll reporting with the click of a button. This automation is saving our customers hours of time each month compared to their existing manual, excel-heavy processes. 

Syncing Personio and Kota is easy:

  • Select HRIS Sync and go through the steps to link your Personio account

  • Once your employees are imported, you can check if any information is missing, or if you’re sync HRIS to an existing Kota account, you can merge them with existing employee records.

  • Instantly set up local health insurance, retirement or life insurance schemes and enrol your employees. 

  • Kota will continue to sync with Personio to ensure the employee data is correct and if there are any onboarding or offboarding.

For existing Personio customers, you can receive the first 3-months free on Kota.

To learn more, book a time with our team here or speak with your contact in Personio.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of Kota – Building the future of employee benefits

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