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November 7, 2023

Introducing Embedded Health Insurance

We have officially launched our Embedded Health Insurance product with our first partners.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

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At Kota, our mission is to increase access to traditional financial and insurance products. We realised early in our journey that achieving this mission requires wide distribution of a better customer experience. We also realised that the killer technology infrastructure and integrations we had built to power our own solution could be used by our partners to improve their distribution. This was the origin of what we call our Embedded Solutions.

We have now officially launched our first Embedded Health Insurance product in partnership with Irish Life Health. This solution will allow Irish Life Health’s partners, including Chill Insurance, 123.ie, and others, to seamlessly offer quotes and direct purchases of Irish Life Health products within their own websites and apps. For customers, it means a seamless purchasing experience through their chosen platforms and, ultimately, easier and better access to health insurance protection.

The Power of Embedded Health Insurance

In many other verticals, embedded finance has enabled the growth and market expansion of products such as lending (Klarna), banking (Plaid), payments (Stripe) and other areas of insurance, like travel and home. For health insurance, the complexities of quoting and underwriting have stalled the progress of embedded solutions. We are changing this by building the technology, partnerships and new distribution channels to bring Embedded Health to life. 

What is Embedded Health

Embedded Health allows health insurance providers to embed their offerings into third-party websites and apps. This means allowing an insurer’s offering to appear within the flow of a website and ultimately reaching more customers at the point of sale. We’ve built a demo site and brand to show you how this works, QuoteCare.

Try it out here, you can even buy a real policy.

Why now

Poor embedding solutions can break the customer buying process. We see many complex, multi-step products that look and feel terrible when embedded into other websites. There are a bunch of things that make them feel out of place; some of the worst are:

  • Mismatched branding on the site 

  • Scrollbars within the page

  • Terrible mobile experience 

  • Page content moving around as you change steps

  • It is impossible to attribute outcomes or stages for analytics

  • Security is an afterthought, if at all

Kota solves all of these issues and more so that health insurers can focus on their customers and their sales processes. 

Kota’s Embedded Health technology provides a simple, fast and secure embeddable user interface. This is powered by Kota’s best-in-class ‘Embedded JS ’ platform that can be implemented in only three lines of code, making it simple for your partners to test, iterate and go live. It also does the heavy lifting of taking care of authentication, security, responsive UI, triggering events, quote and policy creation and much more. 

With our first partner, Irish Life Health, we’ve provided them with our Embedded UI JS, allowing them to provide great product experiences across desktop, tablet and mobile.  We worked closely with the Irish Life Health team to map and adapt their existing digital sales process and how they wanted their products to be displayed on third party sites. Today we see this come to life with their partners like 123.ie and Chill insurance. 

What's next

We are only at the beginning of rolling out our Embedded Solutions. Beyond health, we’re already building Embedded Pensions and Embedded Life to allow providers in the market to distribute their products widely and seamlessly, meeting customers on the platforms they currently use.

If you see an opportunity to partner with us, or would like to learn more about our developer product and talk to us here.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of Kota – Building the future of employee benefits

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