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October 20, 2023

We're saying goodbye to Yonder

Well, only the name, that is. As of today, we’re making some changes and renaming from Yonder to Kota as we embark on the next chapter in our journey.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

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Why we changed our name

Our mission is to increase access to traditional financial and protective products for a new generation of employers and employees.

For us, ‘Yonder’ was the name that brought our mission to life. It was inspired by the things in life that are far away yet important now, like your retirement. 

Whilst our mission has remained the same, our vision has grown. We’re building the infrastructure and platform to bring health, life insurance and pension providers online across the globe - a new category that will allow modern, distributed companies to easily and more affordably access core benefits. 

When you’re building a new category, you need a name that you can own. Unfortunately for us, we weren’t the only people who loved the name Yonder. In case you hadn’t already noticed, there are a few other companies that shared the name with us.

Why we chose Kota

Kota is the name we’ve chosen to bring us through the next stage of our journey. 

When we decided to change our name, we had a few non-negotiables:

  • We need to own it. We’re not competing for inches with other companies with a similar name.

  • It needs to be memorable. It’s a unique name, and it stands out for our audience.

  • It has to carry meaning. Kota is a Japanese word meaning Happiness/Good Fortune - which goes to the core of what we aim to deliver to our customers.

For those of you who are customers, partners and friends, you might ask how this affects you, and the simple answer is it won’t. You’ll notice changes only to our name and logo across our web and mobile app. 

What has evolved

We are more excited than ever to create a category-defining company and improve the lives of millions of people in the coming years. Our ambition continues to grow, and our new name marks the start of a new phase of our growth as we deliver more happiness and good fortune to you - our customers, partners and friends!

Goodbye Yonder, hello Kota.

Luke Mackey

Article written by

Luke Mackey

I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of Kota – Building the future of employee benefits

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